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Like Best (M) Sdn Bhd is importer of cleaning chemicals and also runs this Cleaning Products & Services Division for customers of high end premises. We are an ISO certified company who has skilled trained cleaning staffs who can guarantee effective results for your premises. Our supervisors are fully committed to deliver the services requirement by customers who look for good and knowledgeable service providers in this field.


Cleaning Services

We provide professional cleaning services for your needs

  • We are certified company by ISO
  • We guarantee efficiency and effectiveness
  • We have skilled workers
  • We are affordable, reliable & trustworthy
  • All staffs are well trained


We are proud to be able to offer exceptional cleaning services to residential and commercial areas. We have dedicated staffs that can meet any of your housekeeping needs.

We are committed to deliver the highest level of service. We hire only experienced trustworthy people and approach each job with professionalism and integrity.


Affordable Cleaning Services

Our price is based on few factors :

  • The size of your property and type.
  • The frequency of visits / fixed schedules / fixed staff at sites etc
  • The distance of premises.
  • Any special requirements.


We will work with you to determine your cleaning needs and accommodate you by providing a fair price for our services.

At Like Best Cleaning Services Division we care about our impact on the environment. We use green cleaning products that are safe for the environment. Your premises are perhaps one of your most valuable possessions. We understand this and take every effort to handle everything in your premises as if it were our own.


What Is Cleaning?

The literal definition of cleaning is the removal of dirt by applying energy.

  • Chemical Energy
  • Physical Energy
  • Heat Energy


The Importances of Cleaning

Presenting a Good Impression
For most companies, creating a good impression to customers and visitors is extremely important as this will contribute greatly to how the business is perceived.

For building management who are responsible for the cleanliness of any building will be judged solely on the standards of cleanliness as top priority beside security been number one.

Improving Safety
There are numerous hazards that can be avoided in any building through the provision of an efficient cleaning system and general good housekeeping practices. The collection and disposal of rubbish and the maintenance of a clean and tidy workplace will go a long way toward reducing the risks of any unwanted accident.

Controlling and Removing Dust
Dust in any building can present a number of hazards:

People who have allergies or intolerance to dust being adversely affected.
Increases the likelihood of fires.
Creates ideal conditions for the attraction of pests.
Increases the likelihood of the spread of bacteria and infection.

Efficient cleaning procedures are essential in ensuring that dust levels in any building are kept to an absolute minimum status.

Preventing Diseases and Infections
Harmful bacteria, germs and viruses are present in all buildings. Dealing with them effectively will significantly reduce the risks of people becoming ill following contact with contaminated surfaces.

An effective cleaning habit should be incorporate with procedures that will ensure any harmful bacteria are completely removed or reduced. Places of high risk of this type are washrooms, toilets, drains etc.

Preserving Internal Furnishings and Fittings
Continual dust / dirt in furnishings and carpets will lead to deterioration in their appearance.

An effective cleaning system that deals with internal furnishings and fittings will ensure a longer useful life.

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