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Our Expertise

General Cleaning
General cleaning is basic cleaning of all visible items in premises .This type of cleaning is to remove unwanted dirt or dust from surfaces of items like furniture and equipment.

Mopping plays a major role in cleaning services as it is a must for all kinds of premises. Special chemicals will be used for different floorings.

Vacuum Floor / Carpets
Vacuum is basically done for carpets and other surfaces where dust, dirt particulars can easily accumulate within causing unhealthy situation.


Toilet / Washroom Cleaning

Normally toilets and bathrooms cleaning will be done with special chemicals to remove stubborn stains and dirt. Refreshers will be filled too.

Office Cleaning
Office cleaning of basic scenario also have special care for meeting rooms, conference rooms, cubical and others similar places.

Window / Glass Door / Sliding Door / Grill Cleaning
Cleaning of windows, glass doors, sliding doors and other similar glasses.


Commercial Open Space Cleaning

Open space and large areas of any flooring will undergo cleaning process of varies types accordingly.

Wet scrubbing using foam soap solutions on scrubbing machine and also hand done for some smaller areas.

We do floor polishing on marble floors.



Grass Cutting
We do grass cutting around premises.

Bush Cutting
Bushes will be trimmed around premises.

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